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Procrastinating or Daydreaming?


Procrastinate – to postpone one task in favour of another which is perceived as being easier or more pleasurable but less important or urgent…  (

While my list of “to do” jobs is endless, the ideas in my head of what I actually “want to do” are never ending.

I didn’t think I was a procrastinator, yet every time I set to with one of my tasks, my mind ever so easily wanders off in the direction of my other (more exciting) list – the one that tends to grow when I am in that daydreaming world.

Since the build up to my big 30, and my post about “not knowing”, I now find myself lost in thought and want for adventure a whole lot more; and it’s not just about going places, but doing all sorts of new stuff too!

I recently had to take the 30th balloons down – sad times!

Lately, I open up my laptop all ready to continue typing up an assignment, then before I know it I’m clicking on skyscanner and searching the latest flight offers. On a weekly basis, I research children’s Spanish songs (on youtube) for the classes I give, then the next thing I’m dancing around the living room – albeit dreadfully – to my favourite latino tune of the moment.  Then finally, there’s my phone – that just takes me to a completely new level of distraction. Here I take any opportunity to converse with a pal and plan a sneaky little trip out. All of these diversions are clearly a much more enjoyable option, (rather than grown up stuff) and now realising how easily I let myself get distracted, I’m hoping to turn some if this procrastination into a more positive project.

My plan is to turn those daydreams into something other than just thoughts, smiles and wishes. Since I am still in the process of my challenge #30 For 30!, I’m going to crank it up a notch and add some of those (not so) lost thoughts to my list; and I’m going to make them happen! So please, keep checking in on me here and you’ll find out what’s coming next…

Come to think of it, there’s a fair bit I am yet to fill you in on! 😀 I best get writing…

Bringing this to an end, as my eyes are going square and I’ve already searched cheap flights and hotel deals twice, I’ll leave you all with a couple of questions:

Are you on who tends to get easily distracted? Does your mind wander, if so, where does it take you?



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  1. Reblogged this on A little bit of me and commented:

    I only recently posted this, but felt the need to share with you again today as I have turned on the computer and gone straight to my Spanish tunes! Oh my, how I distract myself! Ha! But can you blame me when this song is al over the place at the moment?!


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