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Brazilian Beach Waves

Settling myself down; getting nice and cosy on the sofa as the afternoon draws to an end, it’s hard not to flashback to March 7th – the final day of what had been a fortnight’s Brazilian adventure…


On what has been a dull, grey and slightly wet day – one that has brought with it a return of the cold winter’s chill – it’s hard not to sit back with closed eyes and picture the warm sun beating down and imagine the sound of fierce waves crashing on the sand around me.

In an attempt to brighten up spirits and maybe persuade that sunshine to venture out again, I thought sharing a few photos of somewhere hot and pleasant might trigger a few warm smiles…


Sunsets and romantic strolls along Ipanema Beach

Blue skies and splashing waves in Leblon

Spectacular views from the end of the Copacabana Beach

On the morning of my penultimate day in Rio, I took a leisurely stroll down to the beach of Leblon (a town I felt very safe in) and as the waves were just to big to swim in, I thought I’d capture the moment on video…

How has your Sunday been? Where does your mind take you to on a dull and damp day?




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    1. And today the rain continues to pour down where I am…so after work I need to flick through more photos of those lovely, warm memories 😁 thanks for stopping by

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