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And The Rain Came Pouring Down

“It’s looking more like autumn than summer – we’ve swapped sandals for umbrellas.” – Laura Tobin, Good Morning Britain

Once again, I find myself wrapped up tight inside my winter coat and fighting a losing battle against strong autumnal-like (yes,that’s right!) winds. Gone have the sunshine and off-the-shoulder tops, as we’ve seen the return of thick jumpers. Even the scarves are back out!


Early on Tuesday morning, I watched as one of daytime television’s wonderful weather ladies – Laura Tobin – gave us the news that the rain was coming, bringing with it high winds and low temperatures similar to those that we tend to experience during the month of October!

Now some of you may remember a post I made not so long ago; a cold, damp and muggy day got my mind wandering and took my thoughts back to the trip I made to Brazil. It was indeed, a great way to warm me up on such a dull day.

Experiencing yet another dreary day, I thought it only right to flashback once again. This time however, taking things back five years and to sunny Spain…

I’m very grateful for the sunny days and wonderful memories I was able to make with my friends whilst living in Spain. From April onward, down in the south, we could guarantee good weather; the months of May and June brought with them the kind of heat that almost always lead us to the beach. Today I chose to share with you some beach and swimming pool moments from one particular jolly summer – Timehop ever so kindly teased me this selection of photos this past week…

Collage 2017-06-08 14_32_17

I remember this day like it was yesterday, it’s hard to believe it’s been five years. Where does the time go?If we couldn’t go in a car, we would hop on a bus to take us to the nearest beach along the Mar Menor. After a 45-50 minute journey, we would have the towels out and a drink in hand as we soaked up the sun. On this occasion however, we opted for a different bus and a longer journey. Having never been to this particular beach before, we weren’t entirely sure when our stop would be and how long it would take. It took forever and a day! That being said, it was worth the sweat we lost whilst sitting on that hot bus for over an hour and a half – The sand was fine and golden and there was no-one around us. The sea was blue and cold, unlike Mar Menor which often became a crowded place and during the height of summer the water was more like having a dip in a gigantic bowl of soup! The highlight of the day was, without a doubt, the boys letting off some steam and climbing all over the kids’ play park; they need to let something out after being cooped up on the bus for a long while. My friend, Vicky, and I took in the sights of the coast.

Collage 2017-06-08 14_33_11

I couldn’t not include these pictures – just look at that water! I absolutely love water, I feel such a sense of freedom and a life without troubles when I dive into a pool. In summer, there is nothing better than enjoying a splash in an outdoor pool  and feeling a light breeze surround your shoulders when you come up for air.

These photos were taken in a water park in Murcia and it became my second home during May and June. At Terra Mitica, which I must tell you more about, you could pay on your first entry in May and then get a free pass for the rest of the month as well as June! Morning after morning, my friends and I would grab our passes and head over to the pool, where we enjoyed hours of endless fun and had the place pretty much to ourselves (children were still in school).

Weirdly, as I sit here typing, the sun is squeezing its way through the clouds. Maybe my thoughts of the summer and bright pictures have encouraged it to come out and play. 

What do you do on a rainy day? What cheers you up?




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