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Memories of a Sunday

After reading A Perfect Sunday on Sophie’s blog, I was inspired to have a go at jotting down some of my happy Sunday memories. Although Sunday isn’t my favourite day, over the years it’s definitely proved to be a very good day and has provided me with many unforgettable moments; some of which, I can share with you today.

blog cake When I was younger – much younger – Sunday was the day when Grandma Johnson would come round for a roast dinner and catch up on the weekly comings and goings of my sister and I. I remember these Sundays so well, because I always, without fail, would bake fairy cakes for us all to eat after dinner. Now don’t go getting excited and hoping for a recipe, as sadly, I am in no way a culinary artist – the kitchen and I do not get on! Nevertheless, I often managed (with the help of Tesco’s ready-to-mix butterfly tops) to put together some pretty yummy treats for Grandma. It became such a tradition, that late into my teens, my grandma asked me why I no longer whipped them up. Much to my sister’s disappointment, since she was standing there and baking from scratch! 🙂

Sunday – The Morning After

For a number of years, without fail, grandma made it over on a Sunday. As I got older, the routine changed ever so slightly. Once I started venturing out and exploring the nightlife Southport had to offer, I couldn’t always guarantee that the following morning I would awaken full of beans and eager to face the day. Saying that, the hangovers nowadays are a heck of a lot worse than those of my early 20s.

So I remember those Sundays as incredibly lazy ones. I’d be very late to rise and often wander down the stairs to meet grandma, still with make up smeared across my face. Grandma loved my stories from the night before, she still does love the gossip to this day! So on these particular Sundays, with a slightly fuzzy head, I’d snooze in bed late into the morning, make it down to the kitchen to wolf down my roast dinner and cure the headache, then spend an afternoon watching anything random I could find on TV. Daft television programmes are the greatest!

Sunday Strolling

Getting older and learning to appreciate every minute of the day has become a wonderful adventure. I’m constantly searching for new places to explore and anywhere I can head to with my dogs is all the better.

2. Ainsdale Woods (7)

I’m quite fond of a leisurely woodland walk, I think nature is wonderful.

Sundays in Spain

While I was living in Spain, I met many lovely people and made a close group of friends. Sundays for us were almost always spent wandering through Murcia’s city centre and creating our own little bar crawl. During the day, we would sample various culinary delights and wash them down with a cheeky cerveza or tinto de verano. Being in the south of Spain, we were lucky enough to enjoy sitting out in terraces as the warm weather lasted well into the winter.

During the summer months, we spent many a lazy day at the beach. Living not too far from the coast meant that we could try out different beaches.

Today, my weekly timetable is constantly changing and I can never guarantee whether or not I’ll have a Sunday free to myself. When I do manage a whole day of leisure, I try my best to have a little adventure, or be super productive and catch up on work bits. Whatever the mood I’m and time I have, I think it’s important to make every moment count.

How do you spend your Sundays? Have you got any suggestions as to where I could venture when I next have time to take a Sunday stroll?




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