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The Month of January

“January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow” – Sara Coleridge 

Well it didn’t quite snow here in Southport, not like some parts of the North, but glow my fingers did as this has been one very chilly January!

I’m not quite sure where these last 31 days have gone, but I do know that it’s been a jam-packed month and I thought I’d share a bit of what I’ve been up to.

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The Bug that Bugs You.

I absolutely hate being ill. I’m run down with a bug, a not so nice one known as tonsillitis!  After being sent home early from work on Saturday night, then again yesterday afternoon, I finally gave in this morning and went to see the doctor. He was not best impressed that I had waited to come and see him – I hate bothering people – and he was rather shocked at the size of my tonsils!

I don’t mean to complain as I know there are much worse things in life, but it’s not te get a little bit grumpy when you’re stuck inside all day.

My furry friend was not so impressed with me today!

I did have a good clean around the house and have finally started catching up on the world of blogging –it’s been a while – and I did manage a very short walk with the dogs. Against doctor’s (and mother’s) orders, but I couldn’t resist the look on the little faces!

What do you do when you’re feeling under the weather? Any suggestions on what I could try tomorrow?

Happy Monday Everyone!

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Looking out for the animals

The other day, I heard an interview where the women said she valued human life way more than an animal’s life. But, we are animals aren’t we? This made me think…. Pink cord dungarees Topshop, £49 Converse Office shoes, £59.99 Striped top Topshop, £19.99 Kitty cat bag, Asos, £18 Red Lipstick Bourjois, Superdrug I am a Veterinary Surgeon and I […]

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