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Throwback Thursday

It is the day of the week when I, like many social media users, tend to post a blast-from-the-past , a golden oldie, a fond memory as we fill the internet with throwback Thursday hashtags. Instead of just one photo today, I thought I  might share a few more from a short trip I took last year.

Paris , je t’aime…

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Meet My Pets

Before going awol from the world of blogging (life had gotten rather hectic) I had been having a go at a 52weekblogchallenge. This was something I found over on the lovely Jenny’s blog; go check her page out!

Anyway, I wasn’t so good at blogging weekly and I often had a bit of writer’s block! When I found the blog challenge, it gave me plenty of post ideas and I’m now eager to get back to it. Being so busy at the moment means I’ve been getting lots of inspiration too… bring on the blogging! I will however, be mixing it up a bit and changing the order of the post titles (some are easier to write than others) and I promise to post as often as I can.

To get back into it, I thought I’d start with a post about something that I think you will all enjoy reading…

Meet My Pets

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