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Round Up! Round Up!

A few months back now, some of you may remember my posts on my scarf challenge. I challenged myself (nothing too hard) to wear a different one of my many scarves each day, and in doing so, I had to decide which ones were keepers and which would be heading off to a better home; I want to make sure that they all get used, and just because one may not be my favourite, doesn’t mean it should be shoved away at the back of my wardrobe.

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Keep the sparkle glowing…

The lights may have come down and that festive spirit has flown back to the North Pole with Santa, but I don’t see any need to put a stop to the jolliness and sparkle!

It’s great getting the glitter out around Christmas, I however, love throwing on a bit of sparkle whenever possible; these are my favourite pumps and they certainly brightened up what was a very dull and blustery day.


Go glimmer and shine this weekend! 😀


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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year fellow bloggers!

So here we go everyone, not just a new day but a whole New Year; what to do with this New Year then? I don’t know about you, but I have a whole load of excitement planned; all sorts of ideas and adventures and this year I am determined to pull my lazy finger out and stick to what I say I’m going to do! I hope, that with all of your help, through blogging and sharing thoughts, you will keep me going and moving along nicely in what I hope will be a super year.

Any big resolutions set? I myself have decided that I most definitely must learn to drive! As of Wednesday, I will be aiming to blog pretty much everyday as I have lots to tell you (I’m turning 30 this year…) and many plans to share. Basically, learning to drive won’t be the only challenge I’m setting myself this year, but if I have to, I will take the year to do so (ha!) Anyone out there have any tips for me?

Happily and ever so merrily, I welcomed in the New Year with my cousins and some friends last night. We had a marvellous time; house party, music, silly games and catching up. I opted for a bit of sparkle and tried my best to be ever so elegant, something that became harder as the evening went on and the Malibu kept on flowing…

My first ever go at “beer pong”, oh my!

How did you all celebrate? I hope the 1st January has been excellent for you and that whatever you have been getting up to today has been the best start for you and your families. Wishing you all health, happiness and loveliness for this New Year!

Jo x 🙂

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The Last One…

The end is here, it’s the very last one; the final scarf (that I’ve actually worn for a few days now) was picked out from the bottom of the drawer and wrapped round my neck with a bit of pride as I patted myself on the back knowing I had completed my little task. I’ve shared it many a time, but just in case you aren’t aware of the challenge you can read about it here. You can also find out why I lost my way a little and had to stop blogging daily by reading this post; nothing too personal, I’m sure you’ll understand, but hoping to get myself back on track now.

Blue and flowery, once again adding that splash of colour to my winter wardrobe!


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Scarf Number 14

Today I woke up feeling kind of blue, a somewhat empty sensation in my tummy (no, not hunger) and a sudden wave of sadness. I’ve said this many a time in various posts, but I will get to it; it’s a new, recent “it” though, so please, don’t rush me.

Anyway, the reason I’m able to post and feel like writing today, is because I threw on a scarf today and suddenly smiled to myself when I remembered that I have a challenge to complete. I believe that this was scarf number 14 and not only did it bring a little something to an outfit of mainly black, but it made me happy knowing that the world of blogging could distract me for a short while; that a photo would be taken and that words were ready to come out. Sometimes it’s nice to just think about something totally different for a few moments, and although some of you may not think it too interesting, I think this small challenge that I’ve set myself could be the start of some more exciting events and moments.

Bla bla bla, I could ramble on forever! For now though, I’ll just show you what I found for today!

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