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And The Rain Came Pouring Down

“It’s looking more like autumn than summer – we’ve swapped sandals for umbrellas.” – Laura Tobin, Good Morning Britain

Once again, I find myself wrapped up tight inside my winter coat and fighting a losing battle against strong autumnal-like (yes,that’s right!) winds. Gone have the sunshine and off-the-shoulder tops, as we’ve seen the return of thick jumpers. Even the scarves are back out!

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Procrastinating or Daydreaming?

I only recently posted this, but felt the need to share with you again today as I have turned on the computer and gone straight to my Spanish tunes! Oh my, how I distract myself! Ha! But can you blame me when this song is al over the place at the moment?!

A little bit of me


Procrastinate – to postpone one task in favour of another which is perceived as being easier or more pleasurable but less important or urgent…  (

While my list of “to do” jobs is endless, the ideas in my head of what I actually “want to do” are never ending.

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Ten Years From Now…

Here We Go! Blog Challenge Catch Up! 

Number 6 – Where will we be in ten years time?

What do you want to be when you’re older?

When are you getting married? 

Do you think you’ll have children?

Have you thought about houses? You really should get on the property ladder!

“Where do you see yourself in ten years?” Is another of those grown up questions that I roll my eyes at when I hear it!

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Doodle Doodle Do!

I often find myself doodling! It’s never anything too exciting: a flower, a star, a box, or I get adventurous and attempt to draw a cube! Today whilst scribbling down a little flower, I thought to myself…

“is this out of boredom or is there meaning behind these doodles?”

I’ve never been anything of an artist. In fact, the one piece of artwork I gained full marks in was actually due to my mum helping me greatly! Not being able to produce anything artistic, may be the reason as to why so many scraps of paper are covered in tiny flowers.

My flowers don’t even get this fancy-this was courtesy of Google!

Do you ever find yourself doodling? If so, what do you tend to draw?