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And The Rain Came Pouring Down

“It’s looking more like autumn than summer – we’ve swapped sandals for umbrellas.” – Laura Tobin, Good Morning Britain

Once again, I find myself wrapped up tight inside my winter coat and fighting a losing battle against strong autumnal-like (yes,that’s right!) winds. Gone have the sunshine and off-the-shoulder tops, as we’ve seen the return of thick jumpers. Even the scarves are back out!

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Bando De La Huerta-A Murcian Fiesta

Bando cover

Tuesday 18th April (2017) saw the residents of Murcia – along with numerous tourists – don the traditional “huertano” dress and take part in the day long, annual “Bando De La Huerta” festival.

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Ten Years From Now…

Here We Go! Blog Challenge Catch Up!

Number 6 – Where will we be in ten years time?

What do you want to be when you’re older?

When are you getting married? 

Do you think you’ll have children?

Have you thought about houses? You really should get on the property ladder!

“Where do you see yourself in ten years?” Is another of those grown up questions that I roll my eyes at when I hear it!

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Birthday Bash Round Two!

With so much going on, I haven’t had time to write up about what a fantabulous birthday celebration (week long) I had! Today is no different, as in a few short hours I shall be jetting off to Spain. 

I posted not so long ago about my 30th year plans; thanks to some wonderful friends and family, in no time at all I will be able to get started on my #30for30 list of craziness!

This morning though, I will keep this brief and promise to be back very soon with updates of my celebrations, travels, and exciting plans for the future. 


Murcia, here I come!



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Is It Ever Too Much Tinto?


Peacefully sitting by the sea and enjoying the warmth of the sun resting on your shoulders, you quietly take delight in the sweet taste of the rosy drink in your hand… and before you know it, you’re clinking your seventh glass against your friend’s and dancing (the very best salsa you can) as the bubbles rush to your head!

During my six awesome years living and working in Spain, this was pretty much the norm on a weekend’s evening. 🙂

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